Part time maid for cooking and cleaning

Whether you are looking for part time help with cleaning and preparing foods, our part time maid services for cooking and cleaning in Singapore can ease the pressure and keep your house exactly the way you love it.

We knew that every individual has their personal technique of doing things, so we take care to note your every preference and need. You’ll be in control of the professional services you receive and we’ll Endeavour to meet your personal standard of housekeeping jobs.

Your cleaning and cooking jobs are managed by our highly trained maids, with years of experience in providing the best quality assistance; we’re committed to providing the top notch services to suit your lifestyle and home.

Speak to our group of professionals now and find out how our maids can help you.

What jobs we covered?

We offer part time cleaning and cooking services with the following tasks:

A clean home always feels very welcoming and extremely comfortable, and our maids can help to make happen. Our part time assistant will be capable to carry out several tasks such as vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, mopping, and dusting.

Adhering to difficult dietary needs and individual preference is something that entire of our part time assistants are skillful in. They’ll be capable to prepare tasty foods and meals that match your personal tastes also cleaning up later also.

Why choose our part maid services for cooking and cleaning

Our maids have been recruited for their high passion for supporting others, whether it be cleaning or cooking jobs. Directly employed by us, they have been very carefully picked and have gone through a number of checks before joining us. What is more, as a member of our service, they receive ongoing help from their manager, who’s also on-hand should you ever have an issue.

We’re limited to business hours. Our maids can visit during any time to suit you and your time table. If your needs ever change, do not worry, our maids will be capable to adapt to these ensure that you are always happy with the part time cooking and cleaning services you receive.

Need a part time maid for cooking and cleaning jobs, we provide live support to you where you can contact and get the information about our all services.

Part-time maid monthly package

Schedules can get you crazy. And when you have kids and job? It’d get crazier. And with Singapore, one of the rainiest soil the world the chances of stress levels plunging might be too much. When these key factors come into play with the crawling and jumping with children being children, the load of work at the office as well as social commitments to gatherings and events, the joys of life can look snuffed out when you still have to clean up after everybody despite the long day the job or how boring home chores can be.

It’d come as no surprise if you select to get somebody else to do all the work, somebody you’d pay to take care of your cleaning jobs so you’d have some more time to yourself to spend at the office, with your family, or let yourself build a social book.

Presently, sometimes, we as humans for several of reasons might opt to not have such people on hand or complete time, living in with you and sharing your individual space or we just find we do not need the assistance that often or not a steady so we go for a part-time maid monthly package that way they’re rarely in your room and you still get a neat and clean home.

Although be the case, the decision to appoint a part-time maid in Singapore can dramatically enhance the time you’ve to dedicate to other jobs at hand.

Yet, knowing we render other cleaning services here we knew it might be somewhat hard deciding which of our cleaning and cooking services you need to go for.

Why our part-time maid monthly package?

Today sponsoring a full-time maid in Singapore is a costly procedure. Instead of worrying about full-time job pay to maids, you can avail our part-time maid services monthly package in Singapore. We’re providing customized monthly cooking and cleaning packages for homes and offices.

So you’ll have a reliable and trustable maid come and take the toughjobsoff your hands.

Why Our Team

Our cleaning team is having professional maids in Singapore. They’re highly trained and experienced working in various homes with different instructions and conditions. You need to provide the instructions only one time and the maid will work according to your needs. Also, you can contact us at the office to provide any further instructions if you’re not available during the job.